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Hydration Headaches. Anyone else deal with these ALL the time?? I feel like my entire life is a battle against staving off these headaches, no joke. Towards the end of college I started getting headaches almost every other day. I had no idea where they were coming from, so I would just pop a pain reliever, cover myself in blankets as if I could hide from the pain, and try to sleep if off because it usually disappeared by the time I woke up. They became even more frequent as the year went on, and there were a couple of occasions it was so bad I was dry heaving over my toilet. See, the head pain is not even the worst part, the accompanying nausea is. This continued, with me making several theories over why, until one day someone suggested it might be dehydration. Um, whoa nelly! Why hadn't anyone told me before?? The pieces all fit together after that. It's true I've always had trouble getting enough liquids, and always wondered why my hubby had such an overactive bladder. Turns out it's quite normal to be going to the restroom that often....who knew. Fast forward to today, and I am so much better at predicting and avoiding these headaches now that I know hydration was the key. For example, travel, especially air travel, always dehydrates me so I try to drink as much as I physically can when on the road. Or I just wrapped up a half marathon so I was very careful about drinking before, after, and every two miles while training. Also, I've learned the art of chugging, a skill that took years to attain. One reason I was getting dehydrated all the time was simply because sometimes I just don't want to drink water. Sometimes it tastes bad to me, I can't help it. So I hydrate however I can, and one of my favorites is vitaminwater. It's yummy and also contains vitamins and electrolytes, a win-win.

Recently I did a little hike to Point Bonita Lighthouse, which is in Sausalito just north of San Francisco. Such a beautiful, interesting hike along the coast. It takes you through a rock tunnel made by Chinese immigrants, which is only open for 3 hours a few times per week, and you weave along the gorgeous sea cliffs until you make it to the lighthouse, the only lighthouse accessed by a bridge. I took along my vitaminwater ZERO as my hydration of choice and it was a lovely afternoon activity. What kind of stuff do you guys like to do to stay active?

vitaminwater makes a perfect companion for all your activities, and right now you can unlock a secret deal at Target to get 15% off. This is what you have to do:
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Cool huh! Check out my "shelfie" at the bottom. What flavor will you use your shelfie offer on?? My favorite is Squeezed. Check out other ideas and tips on how to stay hydrated with vitaminwater ZERO HERE.

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It's a glorious day when my two favorite things collide: food and travel. Being close to Napa has probably been what I've most treasured about living in the North Bay Area, it's the ultimate foodie destination and is gorgeous year-round. My absolute favorite town in Napa Valley is Yountville, which just so happens to have the highest concentration of michelin stars in the world. It's been an amazing experience getting to know all the delicious offerings there and in the rest of the valley, and today I'm sharing some of that with you! For this post I explored some new spots, and revisited some old favorites to come up with a 2-meal foodie road trip itinerary. So follow along, either to get some ideas for your own road trip, or just to enjoy the eye candy.

Before starting this journey there are two steps that need to be taken: 1) go with an empty stomach, and 2) road trip prep! Before beginning this foodventure I made a quick stop at the Walmart Auto Care Center for an oil change. I have been on the road non-stop lately, so it was well overdue. And with a million things going on for me right now, being able to drop the car off for an oil change and do some shopping while I wait is pretty groovy. We like to treat our car as well as it's treated us, so it's always always synthetic, specifically Pennzoil® Platinum: Full Synthetic Motor Oil with PurePlus™ Technology. If you're over 75,000 miles like our second car is, I recommend the Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle oil. Going with a quality oil I promise in the long run saves time and money. It helps clean out the sludge that lesser oils leave behind, yuck, and using the high mileage motor oil helps reduce leaks and oil consumption on your weary cars. Plus the Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle oil is on rollback at Walmart right now ($4 off!), so it's a good time to get the oil change I know you've been procrastinating ;)

With those two steps out of the way, you are all ready for a smooth road trip. Check it out:

We're starting in my favorite town in the entire Bay Area: Yountville. This restaurant is an old favorite, one that never disappoints. Chef Thomas Keller owns three restaurants in this small town, all very different price points, and this is the lowest of them. Addendum is open only a few days per week only for lunch, and they sell fried chicken, ribs, and a selection of sides including this honey cornbread and signature cookies. You can order ahead of time online so that you don't have to wait in the long weekend lines, and then find a seat in the beautiful shaded garden the little restaurant is situated in. These gardens service his other restaurant Ad Hoc right next door, which is one of our top favorites. Keller's third restaurant, French Laundry, the owner of 3-michelin stars, is down the street with it's own quaint little gardens as well. I haven't been to that one yet (I won't tell you how much it runs...) but I have plans, don't tell shhhhhh. Big recommend to this lovely little spot, it's a classic.

After lunch at Addendum, I recommend heading up the street to Kollar Chocolates. We love their beautiful chocolates (the Dang Hazy with crunchy coconut is one of my favs) and tried out their gelato for the first time. This is a lemon cookie gelato, delish! And btw, this beautiful trellis which has served as the background for many, many family photos I've snapped over the years, is just south of Kollar in the parking lot, and makes for gorgeous photos. You're welcome.

Moving on to meal two! After some Instagram perusing I came across Southside Cafe in western Napa. Wow their dishes are simple but stunning, and didn't disappoint. This is the stone fruit salad with burrata and proscuitto. The perfectly ripe fruit combined with this beautiful mixture of colors and textures made for a lovely brunch. Can't wait to go back and try some more.

In downtown Napa there was one new restaurant that caught my eye: Miminashi. It's a Japanese gastropub that also sells Japanese inspired soft cream. Sadly I didn't have stomach space for the restaurant, but I definitely had room for the soft serve. This is banana brown sugar topped with miso caramel sauce and sesame honeycomb. YUM.

And last but not least: a perfect meal for me ends with boba. So I made my way up to Bel Air plaza, which houses a popular spot for quick bites called Heritage Eats. The cashier recommended the horchata, but I was pulled in by this pretty pink strawberry basil. Perfect way to top off two perfect meals.

What dishes stuck out to you, and where are you most interested in visiting?? Thanks to Pennzoil and Walmart Auto Care for making this trip such a smooth ride. Make sure you take advantage of the Pennzoil High Mileage oil change while it's on rollback! Click the link to see the deal, and use the location finder to locate the Walmart Automotive Care Center closest to you. Where are you planning your next road trip?

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When I was in college it was popular to have Italian soda bars at parties. You'd lay out a selection of syrups, sparkling water, and half and half, and let people get crazy with their concoctions. I especially crave that kind of stuff over the summer when there's nothing that can get my drool ducts going more than a cold, refreshing fruity drink. So I'm eradicating all cravings today with this summer refreshment that's pretty enough for a party and easy enough for every day.

This is a quick mix of Torani Passion Fruit Syrup, sparkling water, and raspberry sherbet. Passion fruit is one of my very favorite flavors, so I was so happy Walmart added it, along with raspberry and peach, to their Torani collection. This recipe is so versatile you could switch it up with any of Torani's unique, simple flavors. I think raspberry on raspberry could be good too. What's your favorite summer flavor?

One of my favorite things about Torani's syrups is that they're a family company that uses real, simple ingredients. It's nice to know that only the good stuff is going into my drinks. Find these Torani syrups in the tea aisle at Walmart, or if you're looking for yummy coffee additions take a stroll down the coffee aisle! Recipe for these floats is below, and find more recipe ideas and summer inspo on Torani's Instagram! What would you make these floats for??

Raspberry Passion Fruit Floats
Serves 4

  • 8 Tbsp Torani Passion Fruit syrup
  • 4 cups sparkling water
  • 4 scoops raspberry sherbet
  • fresh raspberries
  • mint leaves


Prep 4 serving glasses. Pour 2 Tbsp syrup into each glass and then fill with 1 cup sparkling water each. Give them a quick stir to combine, then add a scoop of raspberry sherbet to each and garnish with a few raspberries and 1-2 mint leaves. Enjoy immediately~

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I threw a teaser photo from this post onto my Instagram a few days ago with a simple caption asking who else is obsessed with this stuff. I was met with a blizzard of exclamation points and emojis from all the other noosa lovers out there. I've never met a person who didn't love noosa, and I wouldn't trust them if I did.

Do you guys usually eat your noosa for breakfast or snack time? Or dessert? Or all? Lol. It's all for me. A few weeks ago I spontaneously signed up for a half marathon that my sis-in-law was doing. Just wrapped it up yesterday and am resting my poor sore legs. As my training miles increased so did my appetite, especially for anything fresh and colorful. That's what led me to the idea for this fun set-up. There's the cutest little fruit stand right nearby my house that opens every summer. They only sell a few items, but my, my are they always perfectly ripe and delicious. I went a little crazy there and decided to satisfy every craving I had at once by buying one of everything. Added some creamy noosa to my spoils and that combo served as my treat of choice for probably a week until it all ran out. I'm talking breakfast, snack-time, dessert, and all the in-between's. It was glorious.

What's your favorite flavor? I kid you not, they are all yum to me, but if I were forced to choose one it would have to be the lemon noosa. I loooove lemon, and noosa just does it so right. That creamy yoghurt with that thick lemon-y goodness, mmmmmm. It's the perfect balance of sweet and tart, and has that thick, velvety texture that only noosa has. And here's a lovely FYI for you: noosa is made in small batches on a family farm in Colorado with all-natural whole milk from happy cows, fresh fruit purees - made using the ripest, juiciest fruits, and a touch of wildflower honey. So many words that I love in that sentence.

I hope I've inspired you all to infuse more noosa into your life. One of my Insta followers said noosa is the one thing she misses as she's living in Korea. See, some people have to live without these basic necessities, so you all should be grateful that it's at your fingertips ;)

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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So excited to share my Torrance trip with you guys today! I had never been to Torrance before so I was excited to research all the good stuff they have, and discover it all over the few days we got to explore. Torrance is a beautiful SoCal city that's "in but out" of LA, which means it has all the novelties and convenience of LA, but less crowded beaches, better weather, and gooood shopping (!) with a large variety of hotels. It's just south of LA and only 15 minutes from LAX, which turned out to be quite convenient for us because...well, long story short, my sis and her friend (who she randomly ran into) were stranded at the Long Beach airport when their flights never showed up, and they had to re-book flights out of LAX the next day. So basically it was awesome being so close to both airports as they worked around their predicament. You're also super close to all the other good stuff in SoCal like StubHub Center and the new NFL stadium in Inglwood.

But let me share with you my #1 favorite thing about Torrance: the weather! Being a NorCal girl, I just always though SoCal was a little too hot for me. And it is. With the exception of Torrance! It's a coastal city that doesn't have ten million buildings blocking the breeze, and the temps were perfect. Warm and beautiful during the day, sweater weather at night, just how I like it. That being said, I also thoroughly enjoyed the Asian presence as well. They offered all of the Asian foods I've been craving, and also had a big, beautiful Japanese grocery store Mitsuwa Marketplace, as well as multiple Daiso's! Daiso is a Japanese dollar store that everyone needs to know about. I took my mom there for the first time a few months ago and she was head over heels. Needless to say, we spent a good amount of time in there and left with a quite a lot of goodies. And one last thing before I share about the rest of our trip: the MALL. Torrance has the largest shopping center in all of California, Del Amo Fashion Center, and it was glorious. If you guys don't follow my Instagram stories you need to: @gina.chong. If you did, you'd know about all this stuff already ;)

Keep scrolling to find out all the cool deets from our Torrance trip! And check out the Discover Torrance website for even more travel resources, including a cool interactive map, oooh.

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South Coast Botanic Garden
My mama is a big garden person. Having grown up on a farm in Korea, she has always kept a substantial garden and would choose them over museums any day. This South Coast Botanic Garden was a perfect place to explore while we waited to check in to our hotel. So many cool things to see, and so beautifully photogenic. Also, look at their matching visor-hat hats. Those two crack me up.

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south coast botanic garden

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King's Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant
Okay you guys. I was so excited to go here I can't even. All the Hawaiian food AND baked goods of my dreams! Mama got a red snapper plate, sis got a beautiful plate full of Kalua pork, teriyaki chicken and I think katsu? I got the french toast because there was a cafe in Hawaii that had the most amazing tropical french toast made with sweet bread that I have missed ever since, and you guys, they did an awesome job. They make it with their trademark yummy sweet bread and top it with all this amazing fresh fruit...just like my beloved Hawaiian cafe. Yum. To finish off our meal, we shared a Paradise Cake (guava, passion fruit and lime layers) and Pineapple Tres Leches, both delish. Ugh. Huge recommend for this place. You have to go if you're in the area!

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Redondo Beach & Pier
Look at me taking creeper pictures, hehe. I took a lovely Sunday nap on this beach, and then went back the next day for some sunset photos. Except it was cloudy so there was no sun to be seen, but beautiful nonetheless. My sis who has been to Torrance a handful of times for work couldn't stop recommending the Korean crab restaurants on the pier. There are more than one! We didn't have time or stomach space for all the deliciousness in the city, so if you go, tell me how it is.

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I couldn't write about Torrance without mentioning this little gem. It's a small, unassuming, perfect little Korean shave ice spot right near the King's Hawaiian restaurant. They have a small menu, mostly focused on the pat (or anko, or azuki beans, or red bean paste, whatever you want to call it), so you know that they are masters of their art. Mama was cold so she got a bowl of hot red bean porridge, sis got a fruity shave ice cup, and I got one of their main menu items: the five grain golden bowl. It's uber fluffy shaved ice mixed with a sweet five-grain powder and topped with the red bean and mochi. YUM. Just YUM. If you haven't had Korean shave ice yet, you need to. And this is probably the best place to do it. Also, PS, they even sell these stunning bowls and sets there. Of course they happened to be sold out at the time *sad face* but they were $40/bowl which after perusing Koreatown is actually a decent price for these quality copper bowls. I loved everything about this place.

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So there you have it. Just a few of the edible and visual reasons Torrance is the bomb. We had such a blast there and I can't wait to go back. What are you most excited to do next time you're in Torrance?? Make sure you check out the Discover Torrance website before you go so you don't miss a thing!

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