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Anyone else do a 30 before 30 list? ;)

I turned 26 last month so I decided to do one! I couldn't quite make it to 30 but I have a lot of good ones I would love to accomplish. I have 4 whole years, but I thought I could start giving myself a little push by doing a "30 Thursday" thing where I work on a my goals a bit every week. For some reason (even though I'm pretty sure no one really reads my blog) blogging gives me motivation. If I make my blog the person I have to report to about the progress of my goals then I will surely do them by the time I turn 30.

FYI: I also have a lot of other personal goals, but I tried to fill this list mostly with things that will be more enjoyable while I am young or before I have kids.

30 before 30:

  1. Learn Japanese

  2. Qualify for the Boston marathon (too ambitious, I know)

  3. Run the San Fran Nike half

  4. Eat at a Pierre Herme/Hidemi Sugino patisserie

  5. Get rid of my stubborn fat

  6. Make a personal recipe book

  7. Show hubby my hometown

  8. Visit Japan & see hubby's hometown

  9. Make my house pretty

  10. Visit San Fran & go to Tartine

  11. Finish Jesus the Christ

  12. Take one awesome photograph and frame it

  13. Read a novel in Korean

  14. Throw a party for someone

  15. Make an entire outfit from scratch

  16. Start a home baking business

  17. Grow a garden

  18. Feel like I know how to use my camera right

  19. Visit Europe

  20. Visit Singapore

  21. Show hubby my old mission areas & school in Korea

  22. Bake for a wedding

  23. See an opera

Well that's 23 at least. Anyone else have any good ones??

Pic from my 26th birthday:



  1. Good luck! Blogging about your progress is a great way to keep you motivated alright!

    As for your remaining items, lots of fellow 30-before-30 "travellers" (including myself) incorporate IMDb's Top 250 (or part of it, anyway), Read/Bake/Create [...], etc. Browsing other people's lists will get you up to 30 in no time! ;)

  2. These are great ideas, thanks! I am definitely excited about doing some stuff on this list

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