Chocolate Chip Coconut Bread | Gina Chong

This stuff is money.
(do people use that slang outside of pilot training...?)

I used my Okaasan's delicious coconut bread recipe and added chocolate and walnuts. So good I can't even explain.

Recipe over here:



ALSO. Today I went to a very informative "brief" about all the different airplanes my hubby could potentially fly and the bases they fly out of. Obviously I don't care what plane he flies...that is up to him and his preferences. (Though we both seem to agree that he would love pretty much any plane just because he loves flying.) So we are not going to base our choice(s) on the plane, but rather the location of the base. As of today, he said his first choice would be Hawaii and his second choice would be Cali.

I adore Cali and would love it there. Does anyone have any opinions of Hawaii? I've only been once and all I keep thinking is that it will be full of bugs and that there won't be much for me to do because I hate water...


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