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Found this new site for jewelry. They have good prices and nice designs, so I bought my first item from there and it just came today:


The last time I ordered from a small jewelry business it wasn't the best experience >.< No details.

But I have nothing but good things to say about Jeweliq, I think they are one of the best values out there. Quality-wise they are better than that other company I ordered from, for almost half the price. (Nothing is over $25, AND they have free shipping.) And I don't know if they just do this for first-time customers or what, but they sent matching earrings with my necklace...that was a pleasant surprise :) Who doesn't love freebies.

Only thing I will say: be quick! Their good stuff sells out fast. I wait-listed on a few items but I don't know if they plan on re-stocking or not. But they get in new designs often and I love that~!

P.S. I wore the necklace over HERE

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