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Since Mother's Day is coming up, of course I am thankful for my Momma. My Mom is like a Korean pioneer. She likes to brag that she was the first ever woman in her tiny little village to ride a bicycle. Haha. The townspeople said that she would never get married because of it, isn't that funny?


My Mom grew up in a small farming town in the very South of Korea. Her and her family have HUGE accents so I have trouble understanding them sometimes (my Korean is not the greatest to begin with!). When she was a bit older, there was a boy in the town who wanted to marry my mother but her family thought he wasn't good enough and wouldn't let it happen. So my Mom ran as far away from home as possible and worked as a waitress at a restaurant. My father who was in the Army frequented that restaurant and was always there reading the Korean newspaper. That impressed Mom, so one day she went to talk to him and asked how he had learned Korean. I guess they hit it father had to go back to the US for a while but he wrote my mother and told her when he would be coming back. She had moved to a different city by that time though so he had no way to know where she was. So what she did is she went to the Army base on the day he was supposed to arrive and waited across the street all day until she saw him. And the rest is history I guess. They moved to the US and my Mom learned English by watching soap operas and such, haha.

So today I am thankful for my hard-working and brave Momma. She started in a tiny, very conservative town in South Korea and after years of hard work now is living what some would say is the American dream.

Do you have any cool stories you remember about your Mothers? :)

Happy Mother's Day~!



  1. oh my goodness...this is such a sweet story! Makes me all gushy inside :) mother-in-law is korean too...and I have the hardest time understanding her accent too :/ My husband often has to translate for me...hehehe.

  2. haha. That's awesome! We are going to have some multicultural families!


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