Strawberry Chunk Ice Cream Cake | Gina Chong

Hubby's birthday cake(s)!

We had a fun birthday weekend :) Yesterday his class had a get-together at one of their parents' ranch. I was so sad we didn't bring the camera because it is gorgeous out there! And we went tubing down a river so I got some definite (unwanted) color only on my front side lol.

And today we just had a quiet birthday dinner at home, opened presents and ate birthday cake. He wanted ice cream cake so this is what I came up with:

It has red velvet cake, strawberry puree, graham cracker crust chunks and fresh strawberries. Turned out so yummy~!

Recipe at my baking blog: koreanmutt.blogspot,com




  1. that is one pretty slice of cake!

  2. This cake seems delicious!!! You are a great cooker!! xoxo

  3. oh thank you! I am actually not that great, but it's a good thing I enjoy it ^.^


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