Nectarine Basil Tarts | Gina Chong

Goal #17 on my 30 before 30 list: Grow a garden.

This has to be gradual thing because gardening to me is...slightly

And I definitely do not have a green thumb. A friend asked me to look after her plants for a week and I almost killed one of her bonsai trees. (She had two and the other one was just fine, I have no clue what I did...)

So I started small by planting a pot of basil. My amazing gardener Momma helped me and gave me tips when she was out visiting for my bday, and they've grown beautifully! So today I finally picked some and made some treats :)

These have baked nectarine halves on top, a basil-infused custard, and I used Pierre Herme's "perfect tart dough."

Recipe at my baking blog:


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