NYC Trip: Grand Central Terminal | Gina Chong

See me?! Teehee hubby has the best picture ideas. Now here's him:


I grew up in Upstate NY but had only been to the city twice before, so there were still a lot of things I hadn't seen. Grand Central Terminal was one of them and I didn't expect it but it so fun for me! I think I was in a good mood from the nice night's sleep I had the night before but it was my fav. The first thing we passed was a French bakery with delicious looking pastries, so we couldn't resist and decided to spoil our lunch and grab one! Then we made our way to the main lobby as you can see...


Then checked out the farmer's market, which made me wish I lived in NYC and could buy all the fresh delicious treats:


Then stepped outside and enjoyed the NYC landscape: (but that didn't last long, not after walking all day, ha!)


Ahh, New York City. I miss it but I don't. If that makes sense.


  1. Wow!! I love the photos, are awesome! I stayed twice in NY and I can't wait to come back! xoxo

  2. Such great photos!!! Loving the first 2 with all the movement :)

  3. thank you, credit goes to hubby :) And YES, I love that city

  4. These pictures are awesome! I love the effects of the first two... your hubby sure is talented with photography. I love NY and seriously miss it! I lived there for about a year and was totally captivated by the food, culture and craziness. Glad you had fun too!

  5. Thanks~ I think he's super talented too :) And agree about loving NY. Mostly though I just love city life~


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