Fudge Brownies Dressed Up | Gina Chong

Hubby and I are brownie mix people. Brownies are so good from the box and we figure...why fix something that's not broken, right?

But I decided to experiment and I found this recipe that got amazing reviews, and rightly so.

I know hubby would love them because they have a nice crust on the outside (he's a crust kind of guy) and are a little gooey in the middle.

I gotta stop talking about the hubs :(

He's out surviving in the wild and I am here gorging on brownies... >.<

Well here is the recipe anyways. It's over at my baking blog: Korean Mutt



  1. They look absolutely delicious, I would love to try them:) I love brownies so much and every time when I go to nearest shop to buy food I buy brownie:)
    Thank you for lovely comment on my blog:) Have a good rest of this week:)


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