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Yup this outfit had a short life. I was too eager to get into my fall clothes and let's be honest...Texas temperature probably won't fall for another couple of months. (But by that time I'll be outta here... ;)



[caption id="attachment_1521" align="alignnone" width="630"]DSC_2027 Top: Lulus
Jeans: H&M (on sale now!)
Shoes: Steve Madden
Earrings: Korea
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban
Watch: Citizen (similar)
Bracelets: Michael Kors, F21[/caption]

Today is Day 1 of my month without hubby. What will I do when he starts getting deployed? :(

Well like I said, I am a list person. This is my list so far of things to keep me busy while he is gone. Anyone have any other ideas?? Maybe more fun ones because I'm looking at my list thinking how boring I must be!

  • Get into really good shape. (I've been slacking since our NY trip.)

  • Sew all those pieces in my closet that have been needing alterations.

  • Try out an online job I've been looking at.

  • Experiment with all the recipes I've been too afraid to try. (Because I'm afraid they'll fail and I'll end up having to serve the hubs a lean pocket or something!)

  • Learn how to use the new lens hubby bought.




  1. Aah, too bad it was so warm! I really like your outfit, and the shoes, THE SHOES!! love them! Good luck with the list, actually sounds like a very fun list (my list are not that fun!)

    She Wears: Fashion Illustration Blog

  2. A new lens would keep me occupied for a couple of weeks :) Do you have a tripod and a camera remote? I'm originally a Texan and as soon as I moved north, fall became my favorite season. I've been dabbling in cooler weather clothes while I'm on the west coast and am a little sad to head back to the last few weeks of heat on the east coast. So ready for fall now.

  3. Welcome to Texas where it doesn't become fall until late October... maybe. Haha. Gorgeous outfit. Your hair is looking fabulous

  4. Thank you~! I'm glad I'm not actually as boring as I think I am lol.

  5. I definitely have a tripod and just got a remote last week but haven't even used it yet! Whenever I used to set up my camera on the tripod I would just turn on the timer so that I wouldn't shake ghetto huh? Lol.
    And agree about being ready for fall. I miss me some fall foliage~~

  6. Haha thanks! I can't complain about Texas though, the winters here are amazing, never too cold.

  7. So gorgeous!! Great jeans...they fit perfectly!! And I love that you dressed up camo with a sexy pair of heels :)

  8. Love the jeans, going to order them online. Do you find they run true to size? Or too big/small? Also, when it comes to the remote and timer, try setting both. You can hit the remote button then have some time to hide the remote from view.


  9. I feel they are true to size. I go between size 2 or 4. Those are a 2 but I prolly could have gotten a 4 too, I think I got them a bit tight. And thanks for the tip, that is so smart, I didn't even think of it

  10. Oh, PS they are cropped jeans so take that into account. I am short (5'3") and they hit just like an inch or so above the ground when I'm wearing flats.

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