Chocolate Mint Chip Macarons | Gina Chong
So there may or may not be a bridal shower in the near future and I may or may not be part of the planning committee. And I am definitely jumping the gun, but I got so excited that I already have a Pinterest board full of ideas, lol! Even if I don't need them this time around, I can always save them for later I guess! Ha.

Tell me what you think of these theme ideas: (or if you have any yourself)

-Japanese Tea Party. I saw one online for a little girl's party and I thought it would be just as fun as a bridal shower.

-Winter theme. Like a white, blue & silver color theme & have a hot chocolate bar & such?

That's actually about all I've got, ha. I love the Japanese tea party theme but I just wonder if it would be too hard to pull off, y'know?

But anyways, I've also been practicing my macaron skills lately just in case they come in handy for this potential bridal shower:

Recipe over at my baking blog: Korean Mutt



  1. Hello beautiful! I nominated you for the Liebster Award Check out my post for details. ^_^

  2. thanks girl~~love your blog. You honestly look like a doll~


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