Happy Halloween! | Gina Chong

Random fact: The hubs and I had our first "date" on Halloween :) I got him to come out to a Halloween party (he dressed up in his camo uniform for lack of a costume lol) and I got to see his sweet dance moves haha.
I put "date" in quotations because afterwards we stopped by another party to see a different "boy I was interested in." Haha what a fool I was back then, I pretended he was just my friend when I secretly liked him. We left after about 10 minutes and went to Ihop and he asked me on our Real first date a couple weeks later :)

So I have fond memories of Halloween and the hubs and I are going out for another date tonight. Life is good.



  1. LOL! I love your Halloween "date" =) Happy Halloween!

  2. what a sweet story :) those brownies looks delicious!

  3. thanks~~hope you had an awesome Halloween


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