Stawberry Lemonade Bars | Gina Chong
So last night hubby and I were playing Texas Hold'em amongst ourselves for fun. (Look at my "winning hand" on Instagram.) I won the $19 in his pocket and an I.O.U. for a winter coat, ha! But then this morning my bubble was burst when someone informed me that it was actually just a tie and we were supposed to split the pot :(:( I'm so sad. That means round 2 is going down tonight.

In other news: had a little grilling party the other day so I brought what seemed an appropriate picnic-y dessert:

Recipe at my baking blog: Korean Mutt



  1. strawberry lemon bars are my husband's favorite dessert - definitely making these :) thanks!

  2. Really?? I adore lemon bars but that was my first time throwing in the strawberry. It's my new fav


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