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Happy New Year's everyone :)

One cliche that I happen to love is making New Year resolutions. Sure, they never last the entire year but I've learned not to let that stress me out. Just like stocks, we all have ups and downs, but if our ups and downs are rising in the long run then it's all good.

Back in the Spring I made a 30 before 30 list. Here are some that I've accomplished since:

4. Eat at a Pierre Herme/Hidemi Sugino patisserie.

This isn't actually accomplished yet. The hubs and I are saving up to go to Japan (and Korea) this year, and my only request will be to go to Hidemi's patisserie :) But in the meantime, I tried out one of Hidemi's recipes to whet my palate:


6. Make a personal recipe book.

Again, this is just one I have to slowly work on. I still don't have enough in my repertoire to make a book. But here are a few recipes I've discovered this last year that will definitely be making the cut:


1. Texas Chili

2. Fudge Brownies

3. Chocolate Macarons with Nutella & Coconut

4. Guava Cupcakes


7. Show hubby my hometown (Upstate NY).

Showed him where I grew up, took him to my high school and favorite little pizza joint. Visited my Grampy and Uncle, saw some old friends. It was perfect.


9. Make my house pretty.

A BIG work in progress, this one...but here is a little project I did.



13. Read a novel in Korean.

Done and done. I read my favorite book, The Little Prince. It was lovely and I learned so much.

14. Throw a party for someone.

It was my sister's bridal shower :) Was stressful, I made a lot of mistakes, I was glad when it was over...but it was fun. I'd do it over in a heartbeat (because I'd do it better this time).

15. Make an entire outfit from scratch.

I've made several skirts at this point, but still have yet to make a top (too intimidating!). So this year is the year of the top.

17. Grow a garden.

Ugh. Why did I make this a goal? Jk. Well, I started small by doing a few herbs in a pot. Only the basil grew, and I only used it once lol. But a start is a start. Here is what I made, though I can't even recommend it lol. I've decided basil should stick to savories:

Nectarine Basil Tarts





  1. Love that you read the Little Prince in Korean - that was my first book I read in French when I was learning it!

  2. Really??! That makes me so happy! It's one of my favorite books of all time


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