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Happy Valentine's Day!!
I got a hair cut yesterday and I was so happy with how she decided to style it, it went with my V-day outfit perfectly :):):)
And I love this flowy shirt so much! I can't tell you how many flowy shirts I This one is perfect because it's not too low-cut and I love how it's fitted around my womanly area (lol) but just the slightest bit of baggy towards the bottom.
Also hubby let me take out my V-day gift early as you can see...instead of flowers this is what I get. I literally haven't bought a new perfume since like 2006. I love the dainty scent of this one.
DSC_0880-001 DSC_0930-003 DSC_0885-001 DSC_0854-001 DSC_0849
DSC_0900 Blouse: Swell c/o (on sale today!)
Skirt: Limited
Shoes: Lulu's
Clutch: Limited (like this one too)
Earrings: Jeweliq
Bracelets: Lulu's, Michael Kors
Lips: Elizabeth Arden Sunburst


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I love that skirt!
    -Alex of

  2. your outfit is so gorgeous. and i have to say, your hair looks amazing. ombre done right.

  3. I love your skirt! You are so beautiful :)

  4. Oh thank you! Although some days it looks too drastic, like my hair is straight up half brown half black

  5. i love your hair! and your outfit! those shoes! this is such a perfect ensemble!


  6. Such a perfect skirt. I also have way too many flowy silk shirts. They go with everything!

  7. That shirt is super cute! Great use of neutrals!
    An Unblurred Lady

  8. such stunning photographs - the perfume one looks like something from a magazine. and that sequin skirt? gorgeous -- such a great piece :)

  9. My hubby will be glad to hear this ;) Thanks so much!

  10. this is such a lovely outfit! your skirt is beautiful! XO

  11. So feminine. Love the detail. You just got yourself a new supportive subbie :) Hope you visit my blog!


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