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Hubby has always had an obsession with Indians. If we ever pass a store selling Indian headdresses, we just have to stop and see how much it  is. But the real ones are hundreds of dollars so that's probably never gonna happen.

Once back in college he and his roommates did a "family" photoshoot. The year before it was glam shots, and so that year they did like a cowboys and Indians type thing. My hubs dressed up in a little loin cloth and made his own headdress. Oh, boys...

So this shirt caught hubby's eye as he helped me shop and I decided to get it. Now we can wear couple T's if we want to.

DSC_0148-001 DSC_0161-001 DSC_0145 DSC_0158-001

DSC_0121 Top: Swell c/o
Jeans: F21
Bag: Michael Kors
Sandals: Nordy Rack
Sunglasses: Ray Ban


  1. Love the relaxed look! Great pics too. :)
    -Alex of

  2. how fun, not only is the topic lovely, but it has a background story to it :) your husband sounds like a fun guy! and those pictures are gorgeous - love how you captured the light!

  3. You look so beautiful. Twilight is the best time for shooting photo and i love all of your photos.

  4. Thanks! My hubby will love hearing this :):)

  5. He is fun. And a great photographer~~he loves hearing compliments, thank you!

  6. Oh thank you! You made my day! ^.^

  7. Beautiful light in these photos. Also, I miss sandals.


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