Road Trippin' | Gina Chong
Road Trip Pros: experiencing new things.
Road Trip Cons: sitting on your A for countless hours listening to sucky audio books.
Well that's probably just me.

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T-shirt: Swell c/o
Jeans: H&M (similar)
Sunglasses: Ray Ban Boyfriend


  1. You totally rock those jeans!!! You have a great figure! What are your work out and diet secrets :)
    ? Please share.


    1. Lol, thank you that's really nice of you to say. I definitely have my insecurities; eg my legs are a couple sizes bigger than my torso. But that's just from genes & playing sports that require more lower body muscle. I don't have any I try to eat colorful balanced meals but allow myself sweets every day (I have a huge sweet tooth) and eat out every weekend. I just try to work out as much as possible. If I'm too lazy to go to the gym I do some fitness blender videos on youtube. These days I do much less cardio (only about 2 miles of running if I'm at the gym) and instead do more weights. Thanks for your comment :)


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