San Francisco Day Trip | Gina Chong
Last weekend was our first of many future trips to San Fran.
This was out itinerary:

The Farmer's Market
Union Square + shopping
Mission District to eat dinner at Pakwan & dessert at Tartine

We walked a lot farther than we needed to in a few cases, so that was all we had energy for!
Hubby prepped for the day trip by watching a Giada show haha. In the show Giada went to Cowgirl Creamery at the market, so we ended up stopping and picking up some goat cheese and bread there. Delish.
Union Square took up most of our energy: Uniqlo, Nordstrom Rack, Sephora, Neiman, Saks.
And then we ended up walking in a big circle around the mission district only to find that where we wanted to go had only been one street behind us lol. But we ate some delish Indian food, which I haven't had since Niagara Falls over the summer, and got a whopping three desserts at Tartine ha. They were seriously good and we only had to wait in line for a few minutes. When we went to Napa last time we waited in line for over 30 minutes at this Bouchon bakery place and it was sadly very disappointing. Tartine was not a disappointment at all.
For next time we are planning a biking trip near the Golden Gate bridge ^.^
This weekend it's Sonoma! We are fitting in as much QT (quality time) as we can before hubby starts flying. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Farmer's Market
More Farmer's Market
Mushrooms + trolleys
From Tartine: Lemon Cream Tart + Banana Cream Tart

Me + my boo


  1. I've dreamed about going to San Fran since I was obsessed with the t.v. show Charmed as a kid. Great pictures!


    1. Lol I totally remember that show! Ha

  2. SF is the best. Try a burrito when you're in the Mission next--those things are so massive, you can stand them on one end like a tower!

    1. Baha! I definitely will! Thanks for the recommend, I am always looking for more!

  3. Aw I'm glad you had fun! SF is the place to go! :) Great pics btw
    -Alex of

    1. Oh I loved it :):) And I will give hubby your compliments because he is the photographer ^.^


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