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This week I decided to put together a series I'm calling TRAVEL MORE. Over the past few years my hubs and I have really gotten into travel. And when I say that, I'm not saying that we suddenly started to love it one day, because we've always enjoyed it. What I'm saying is that over the past few years we've begun to educate ourselves on travel techniques that have allowed us to travel more often and for less. Let me elaborate:

One of my favorite recent trips was one year ago when we visited Singapore, Bali and Japan. We flew first class on United to Singapore, and business from Bali to Japan as well as Japan back home. All of that cost us about $100 each out of pocket. One month later I found myself in Las Vegas, and a month after that we vacationed in Hawaii all on miles. A couple days after returning from Hawaii I hopped on flights to Seattle and NYC. About a week after that I traveled with my mother to Korea for $500 roundtrip (including taxes and fees) on Singapore Airlines. A month after I was in NYC again. Since then I've flown to Utah a couple of times, and also did a 3-week trip through Europe, which was also on business and about $100 per person. So overall in the past year, between both my husband and myself, we've spent not much more than $1000 for all of those flights. Obviously there is more to this than meets the eye, but hopefully it's piqued your interest.

During the course of this week-long series I plan on sharing our own personal travel habits and tips, delving a little deeper each day. If you make it through to the end then you should know how we did all that for $1000, but I'll fill you in on it anyways by way of a summary. I hope that these posts will be helpful and informational for your future travel goals. Here's the lineup:

Tues: Road Trips
Wed: Cheap Flights
Thurs: Building Miles
Fri: Building Miles Part II


  1. Yes please...! Looking forward to this series. I honestly need to figure out how to travel more effectively, economy on super long haul flights just suck big time!!

    1. Hopefully it will be helpful! Some of my tips won't be directly applicable to you overseas but I hope they have parallels.

  2. yay can't wait to see it! I'm an avid traveler myself and your trips sound amazinggg

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra


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