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Sometimes your entire family suddenly gets really into photography all at the same time and you roll with it. It's nice having people to go on photo excursions with and fun to see how our different styles all come out. Last month we decided to go on a mini adventure exploring Antelope Island State Park. The four of us squeezed all of our camera equipment, trekking boots, and a few changes of clothes into the trunk of a sedan and set off. 

Our initial view upon entering the park was golden fields that went on forever with misty blue mountains in the background. We waded through the fields getting soft prairie grass spikes stuck in my cloth Vans and hair. My only want for these picture-perfect fields was for a breeze to run through them. How 'mantic.

We continued down the road and then pulled aside after seeing these large reflection pools. The lovely way they mirrored the clouds and mountains was enough to compel us to don our boots and clomp through the not-so-great smelling sludge that stood between us and the water's edge. Turns out we made a good choice, I love the footprints in this photo. But a month later and my boots are still caked in mud sitting in a Utah garage, oops.

When we finally made it to the lake, we spent most of our time there. We stood above on the rocks watching a coyote trot along the beach until disappearing into the distance. I pretended to be a wandering hipster with a striped blanket, we each took turns gazing out into the distance pensively just long enough for some nice photos, I changed lenses about ten times not knowing what to get the idea ;)

It wasn't until the sun was almost set that we decided to climb down to the beach. All the other photo-takers were packing up and leaving as we were strolling in, but it was perfect timing for us. We got there just in time to catch this beautiful blue sky and other-worldly sand puddles. All photogenic spots call for a jumping picture.

Utah is one of the best places to fulfill all of your outdoorsy dreams. Have you guys been? Have you visited Antelope Island Park? It's a beautiful area for all kinds of photos. I just recommend staying for sunset, and then sticking around for that beautiful blue light that follows it. Happy Travels <3

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  1. These pictures are gorgeous - what a beautiful place!! I definitely wish I had more friends who were into photography to do this with!!


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