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I'm so excited to begin a blog series about something I love to support - shopping small. My oldest brother ran a small business for nearly two decades before finally closing it's doors this past year. It was a game store selling unique board and card games, and had an area in back where you could rent and play games and buy snacks. I worked there through part of college, and because it was in the mall I would also often stop by to grab some cheap snacks to hide in my purse before walking upstairs to the movie theater. I love shopping small and local, and adore finding unique shops that the world doesn't know about but should. Through this series I'm excited to introduce you to some of my favorite small businesses and hopefully encourage you guys to focus on shopping small this holiday season.

That being said, I'm kicking off this series with my favorite chocolate shop in the world: Kollar Chocolates. Napa Valley is one of my favorite places on earth and I've mentioned so many times on my blog my favorite town in the Valley - a perfect little place dripping in ivy called Yountville. Nestled in that perfect little town is this perfect little chocolate shop. Think shiny, colorful truffles in unique flavors, festive displays like a giant chocolate Millenium Falcon or hanging chocolate ornaments, rich European-style drinking chocolate in the winter and gelato in the summer, and even a corner window area where you can watch the chocolatiers at work. Basically, heaven. One of my favorite truffles is the Dang Hazy which is full of coconut chips and hazelnut praline, but I'm so excited about their holiday flavors including blackcurrant and egg nog mmm. Scroll down to see the full lineup. I'm showcasing their full holiday gift set today which includes:

-25 piece box of holiday truffles
-Kollar Koal (dark chocolate lumps)
-Coconut Snowballs
-Gingerbread Bark
-Peppermint Bark

Right now they have a holiday shipping special: a flat rate of $12 for two-day shipping on orders over $50. These very melt-able, fresh with zero preservative, high-quality treats were not meant for slow mail, so they only go down to two-day shipping and that's an awesome price.

Is your mouth watering yet?? Which holiday flavor looks the yummiest to you? Last Christmas we wrapped a box of these for one of my mother-in-law's gifts, and she loved it, updating me on what flavor she ate each day. This year I'm sending these off to my hubby on his deployment. They're also his favorite chocolates, and I couldn't keep the surprise, so he's beyond excited for them to arrive. Who would you gift a box of these special treats?

Thanks to Kollar Chocolates for gifting these special treats. All opinions are my own.

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