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Welcome to Part II of my Shop Small Series! My goal for this series is to introduce you guys to some of my favorite brands, and hopefully encourage you to focus on shopping small this holiday season. To read my personal story on why I love shopping small, click HERE for Part I with my favorite chocolate shop.

Today I'm introducing a new favorite! This is a local brand that I've been excited to test out for a few reasons. Rogue Cocoa makes caffeinated gourmet hot chocolate, created for the purpose of offering energy without coffee, tea, or excessive sugar. Reasons I've been excited to try them: only 20 calories per serving, 1 gram of sugar, and...because chocolate. I whipped some up just today and I loved the taste - it has a deep chocolate flavor without being too sweet, and warmed me right up after a chilly afternoon out.

Besides the typical mug of steaming hot chocolate, though, there's something else I've really been excited to use my Rogue Cocoa for. My hubby has an all-time favorite shake that he makes often before heading to the gym. I can't remember the full recipe, but I know it has bananas, ice, caffeinated pre-workout powder, and a splash of cold brew coffee. I don't drink coffee, so I've been dreaming up my own delicious version using Rogue Cocoa to replace both the coffee and pre-workout powder. Imagine a thick banana shake with chocolate in it...ugh, chocolate and banana are my dream flavor combo. What an exciting way to start a gym sesh. Since Rogue only has 20 cals per serving I feel like I can use it liberally in whatever creations I dream up. What would you use it in?? Would you go the traditional hot chocolate route or add it to a new recipe?

Shop Rogue Cocoa HERE. They've got some holiday specials going on AND free shipping on domestic orders! Big recommend from me.

Thanks to Rogue Cocoa for gifting this deliciousness and being a part of my Shop Small Series. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Hot chocolate with only 20 calories? I feel like my prayers have been answered! I totally need some of this in my life :-D And I LOVE those cute little snowflake marshmallows!

  2. I know right?! This is what dreams are made of


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