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Say hello to Hana and Kuku again! I love featuring them on the blog because all of my fellow cat-lovers come out of the woodworks and share their own cat stories with me, it's the best. Did you know that my kitties were adopted in Texas? We lived there for a year and a half and that's where we met our cats. Just last week we started a road trip from California to our new home in Oklahoma, and got in two days ago. So my kittens are back to their Southwestern roots for a little while and they don't hate it. But of course, they're just happy to not be in the car >.< . If anyone has road trip tips for cats please let me know. We have no clue how to make car trips easier for them, but we sure know how to spoil them before and after. Before embarking on our trip we stopped by Target to take advantage of their Buy One - Get One 50% Off cat litter deal, wanting to try the New Purina® TIDY CATS® Free and Clean Unscented Clumping Litter which is 99.9% dust free (!!). But you know how Target trips go - we ended up walking out with more than we came for, deciding to pick up a handful of other new products to spoil our kitties with over this trip. Target always has interesting items that you can't find anywhere else, and their cat section did not disappoint. We're real excited about all of our new finds, so I'm sharing Hana and Kuku's experiences with all the new products below, check out their reviews! Tell me if you've tried any of these with your own cats or which ones interest you the most!

We found a yucky fur ball on the rug not long before starting our road trip, and it made us realize that we were not doing a good job of grooming them. So we perused the brushes at Target and decided to try out their most expensive one. It was inside of a security lock so we had to ask an employee to unlock it for us, and it was $25, so we were extremely curious whether it was that much better than the cheaper brushes or not. Well, I totally think it is. The cats never actually enjoyed us brushing them before, they would run away or try to bite the brush, but they kind of enjoy this one and it does an amazing job of pulling out all of their shedded fur. Two thumbs up from our 6-toed Kuku.

Our Kuku looooves kitty treats so we made sure to stock up on those. If anything can make him feel comfortable in his new surroundings it is comfort food. We've tried all kinds of different treats, including new ones that look like beef jerky sticks, but he prefers the ones that are crunchy with soft centers. Does your cat have a favorite?

Our cats have famously not taken to new toys, always preferring strings and ribbons, so I didn't have high hopes for this stick with a shuttlecock-looking thing attached to it. But they are obsessed with it! Both of them perk up and chase it everywhere when I pull it out. Kudos to Target on their cat toys. 

So here is what we originally went to Target to buy: cat litter. I always get the Purina Tidy Cats 20 LB jugs because they have those nice handles that are so easy to carry, refill, etc. They have a new one with charcoal in it called TIDY CATS Free and Clean. It has no added fragrances or dyes and is unscented, with the charcoal doing the odor control work. The best part for me is that it is 99.9% dust free! We honestly hate the dust that comes from most litters. Hana and Kuku say it's a real steal, especially if you can get the BOGO 50% off deal at Target like I did. 

Of course we picked up a few new wet cat foods as well. Target has a great collection of new, healthy foods. Kuku is the treat-eater in our family, but Hana is a lover of wet food. She eats and eats and eats, and meows for more. She has been happy with every single grain-free food cup we picked up for her and hasn't voiced any favorites. Do you have a favorite for your cats?

Overall the cats are real excited about all of their new spoils. The only thing they were picky about was their cat treats. Hana especially gets pretty motion sick on car rides, and Kuku is skittish in general, so they're happy to be settled down in their new home with lots of new toys, foods, and litter. Make sure you check out Target to find this new TIDY CATS Free & Clean litter, it's a big recommend from us. You can get it in both the traditional clumping litter (what I got) or the lightweight version. And find more cat-lovers and cat inspo HERE.

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