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Good memories in this dress.

I bought it for my hubby's ROTC end-of-the-semester dinner, where all of the cadets find out where they are going  for their very first assignments. I remember being so proud but also so annoyed at my hubby, haha. He was the cadet Wing Commander, and he told me beforehand that I would have to sit up front with the Colonel and guest speaker. Well in my mind I am just imagining a normal table on the floor that is situated towards the front...but no. It was a literally a table set on a platform for everyone to stare at. I was so embarrassed and had to keep reminding myself that no one was staring at me. Lol. But I was proud of my hubby.

I also ended up wearing this to hubby's pilot graduation. Again, so proud. He worked so hard and was able to get the exact plane and base that he wanted (although I'm sure he would have chosen the coveted Hawaii had it been available ;)).

If this sounds like me bragging about my hubby...well, it is. What can I say.

P.S. Remember me talking about having sausage feet for a few days?? You can see them here! Although they honestly looked bigger in real life >.<


[caption id="attachment_1761" align="alignnone" width="630"]DSC_0303 Dress: Banana Republic (similar) (also like this and this)
Shoes: Lulu's
Sunglasses: Ray-ban
Bag: Michael Kors
Earrings: Vintage
Watch: Citizen
Bracelet: Lulu's[/caption]


  1. such a gorgeous dress- sultry and sophisticated all at once. love it :)

  2. Sultry? Haha I don't know if I was going for that but I'll take it lol


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