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My hubs is in Europe often for work and always brings me back chocolate as my souvenir :) He loves to tell me about the hot chocolate over there too. He says it's thick and delicious, and for a boy who rarely strays from his diet drinks, he drinks a lot of hot chocolate over there. So I tried recreating that taste in my kitchen, along with the perfect side snack: churros.

The cool thing about this hot chocolate recipe, besides it being ridiculously easy, is that even those with PD3 (post-dairy digestive disorder) can enjoy it. The thing about people who suffer from PD3 is that the a1 protein in normal milk wreaks havoc on their body and makes it difficult for them to have dairy at all. My own little nephew was born with a multitude of allergies, dairy being one of them. I remember being at his older brother's birthday party, and it was so sad watching him reach for the pizza and all his brother's yummy birthday treats, but his mama having to pry him away without him knowing why. She made one separate cupcake for him that didn't contain any dairy.

He's since grown out of a lot of his allergies, but these days it's cool because there is a new product called a2 Milk® that does away with PD3, and it's the only one guaranteed free of a1. It's essentially milk from cows that don't contain the a1 protein, so it's not some man-made product, it's just...milk. Pretty cool. It does contain traces of lactose though, so keep that in mind.

Do you know anyone who hasn't been able to enjoy dairy for a long time? If so, pick up this coupon and let them try this milk out!

*Notes on the recipe: there are lots of chocolates that don't contain dairy, but most of them are made on machinery that processes dairy products and therefore contain traces. I picked up my a2 Milk® at Whole Foods, so while you're there also look for their dairy-free chocolate.
Also, this churro dough is extremely thick and I kept busting my pastry bags while I was trying to use my star tip. If you want the classic churro star shape, I recommend a press instead. Otherwise just use a pastry bag without any tip.

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Churros con Hot Chocolate
Serves 2-3

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 Tbsp granulated sugar + extra for coating
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 Tbsp oil + extra for frying
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour, sifted
  • cinnamon
Hot Chocolate:
  • 3 oz. dairy-free chocolate, chopped
  • 1 cup a2 Milk®
  • 1/2 stick cinnamon (opt.)


For churros: 
In a medium saucepan, combine the water, 1 Tbsp. sugar, salt, and 1 Tbsp. oil. Place over medium heat and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and stir in flour until dough forms a ball. Set aside to cool slightly.

Fill a deep pot with about 1 inch of oil and place over med-high heat. Bring to 375F. Prep a pan with paper towels, then place a cooling rack over that.

While the oil is heating, pipe churro batter onto a pan in about 3/4 inch thick, 4-inch long logs. Once the oil is ready, gently drop the churros into the pot, about 5 at a time making sure not to overcrowd the pot. Cook until golden brown, 4-5 minutes. Remove the churros to your cooling rack. Repeat for remaining churros. 

Pour about 1/3 cup granulated sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon onto a plate and roll each churro to coat.

For hot chocolate:
Pour milk into a small saucepan with the cinnamon stick (opt.) over low heat. Cover and let steep for 10-15 minutes. Remove the cinnamon stick and raise the heat to med-low. Add the chocolate and stir until completely melted. Serve immediately with churros.

*Churros recipe adapted from HERE.

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  1. Your hubs sounds like a man after my own heart. You can never have enough chocolate. . .and how thoughtful for him to bring you little chocolatey delights every time he comes back from Europe. These churros look absolutely divine. And dipped in that hot chocolate. . .heaven.

  2. OMG drooooling! Those look soooooo yummmmy! WWOOWOWOW!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  3. I am loving your recipe posts lately, Gina! This is such a perfect holiday treat! Pinned:)

    Wishes & Reality

  4. Yummy, I love churros...! My obsession with it started back in Barcelona... Sigh, I want!

    1. I so wish I could try real Spanish churros!!

  5. Oh wow, this looks so good! I love your combination of churros and hot chocolate...perfect for winter treat! :)

  6. YUM! I love hot chocolate but rarely take the time to make it the "real" way. Love the idea of pairing it with churros too, what a delicious combo!

  7. I would have so much fun dipping into that hot chocolate! And I love that you made the REAL stuff. I hardly every have that haha. It's so much easier to make the powder!

    1. That's the thing, when you really think about it, real hot chocolate doesn't even take much longer! Just melt some chocolate and milk together!

  8. I have never had anything quite like this before. Looks tasty!

    xo, mikéla /

  9. Hahaha I was just reading your post and my son commented, "Whoa mom! That's good!", I'll have to agree with him whole heartedly.


  10. These look so good!
    Diana |

  11. We used to learn about this in all of my classes where the teacher had been to Europe. (small town can you tell?! :P) This looks, so so good. And my hubby is looking over my shoulder going "YUM!" so... we'll be making this one... :) XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

    1. Haha! I'm from a pretty small town too so I totally getcha~


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