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When I came up with my blog name it was while my hubby was in pilot training. What with constantly quizzing my hubs on his materials and holding study sessions with the other student pilots, planes pretty much ruled our lives back then. They still do, that will never change. So with that in mind, and my love for traveling, I came up with Pink Wings. Now that hubby is a full-fledged pilot, he is on the road a LOT. So when he is home, we try our best to take advantage of that time. Mostly that means: road trips!

I don't know what it is with the men in my life, but they have this irrational fear of women driving. They just have to be the ones behind the wheel. Anyone else's significant other like that? I swear I'm a great driver, promise. Lol. But anyways, because of that, hubs does 95% of the driving, which puts me in charge of the entertainment. Sometimes that means impromptu dance parties in the car, sometimes it means keeping quiet and enduring hubby's talk radio. I exhausted the three whole car games I knew a long time ago, so it was time to come up with some new ones, and I am so excited to share these road trip ideas with you!

I am calling these Road Trip Mystery Boxes! The idea is to open one box for each hour you are on the road. Each include: a yummy snack (because that is the only thing that keeps me awake on long trips), a game, and a photo challenge, which will make for a fun post-trip scrapbook! I included the print-outs for the games and photo challenges below, and the snacks are absolutely necessary because they play fun roles in the games! My snacks of choice: TRIDENT unwrapped gum, HONEY MAID TEDDY GRAHAMS, OREO cookies, and SWEDISH FISH. Make sure to look for the coupon booklets at Walmart for discounts on these products! The booklets contain coupons for RITZ Cracker Sandwiches, BELVITA Sandwich Breakfast Biscuits, SWEDISH FISH Soft & Chewy Candy 1.9 lb. bags & TRIDENT Unwrapped Gum. 

Then check out more road trip tutorials, games, and print-ables HERE, and enter the sweepstakes below! It runs through 7/24 and there are weekly prizes and a grand prize! And tell me: what are your favorite road trip traditions??

Mondelez Road Trip #GetPackinSweepstakes 
What You Need:

1. Boxes
2. Game Printouts (Box 1, Box 2, Box 3, Box 4)
3. Camera
6. Sticky-notes (for game 4!)

Box 1:

1. Snack: TRIDENT Unwrapped gum
2. Game: Road Trip Mad Libs
3. Photo Challenge: get a shot of everyone blowing a bubble at the same time

Box 2:

2. Game: Compatibility Game. Get to know your travel buddies better and start some conversations with this game.
3. Photo Challenge: Have everyone bite one limb off of a HONEY MAID TEDDY GRAHAMS and see who you are sadistically compatible with.

Box 3:

1. Snack: OREO cookies
2. Game: Word Clue Game. Have one person stick an OREO in their mouth and try to sound out a word. The first to guess correctly what they're saying wins and goes next.
3. Photo Challenge: take a photo of the different ways everyone eats their OREO cookies.

Box 4:

2. Game: Sticky Note Game. Put 10 sticky notes on everyone's head, turn on a fast song, and once it starts, try to shake off the sticky notes without using your hands. The first to finish wins.
3. Photo Challenge: get a photo of everyone playing the game.
**don't forget to pack the sticky-notes!


  1. Oh so fun, you know that KC and I love a road trip. hehe :) We have some really long playlists that we really love to sing and dance to. Lots of alternative stuff of course, but also some pop that's really fun to belt out. Ha, a personal favorite is Celine Dion's "I Drove All Night" - it's absolutely ridiculous. KC is a lot of fun in that way. He also asks me lots of silly questions that turn into really fun games. Especially after too many hours in the car. I told him we need a go-pro so that we can capture those ridiculously silly moments on camera. hahahaha XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  2. This is wonderful! The boxes and the games you made are so creative. We are headed on a road trip in 2 weeks, so thank you for the ideas! (client)

  3. How fun!! What a great and creative idea to pass the time on a road trip! I love these and love this post! So much fun! :)


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