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Urban Dictionary's definition of a cat lady: "a woman that finds too much happiness in her cats. This often results in the following actions: dressing up her cats, taking videos and pictures of them, telling other people stuff about her cats that they do not care about, thinking that her cats are really intuitive, wearing clothes with cats on them, owning things with cats on them, not being lonely because she has her cats!"

Yup. Sounds about right. You'll know you're a cat lady when you make sure to never schedule trips longer than two weeks because you know you'll miss your fur babies too much. Meet my fur babes: Hana is the gray tabby and Kuro (Kuku) is the black one with six toes. We adopted Hana from a shelter in Texas, picking her out because she seemed so desperate to escape from her cage. She's a stereotypical girl - talkative, needy, and sweet as pie. She enjoys sitting on a stool to watch mama at work in the kitchen, drinking the water out of hubby's retainer glass, and stealing floss out of trash cans. Kuku is a stereotypical boy - he enjoys picking on his sister and stripping her of her fur, but when it comes to baby bunnies he is a big scaredy cat. He has a big sweet tooth just like his mama. Normally he hardly ever meows, but when he wants cat treats he knows that a meow will get him some.

I love my little babies to death. Just a few days ago when I returned home from sending my hubby off for his deployment I woke up to both my kitties cuddling on either side of me. That hasn't happened since they were babies, so how could I not think that my kittens "are really intuitive"? Needless to say, I'm quite a cat lady and I spoil my cat children every chance I get. I teamed up with Meow Mix Simple Servings today to share eight ways I enjoy spoiling them. I love their Simple Servings because they make my life reeeeal easy. No need for a spoon or dishes, and no dirty cat bowls smelling up my sink with crusty leftover seafood. With these things you just peel, serve, and toss when done. The chunky seafood and poultry spoils my kittens, and the lack of mess spoils me. Read about more spoiling tactics below: (and find a coupon!)

1. A Warm Dishwasher.
Despite popular opinion, cats aren't very hard to please. All they need is a box or a string to entertain them, or in this case, a dishwasher. Every time my washer beeps it's finish signal I call over my Hana, wipe down the moisture, and watch her snuggle up on the warm dishwasher door. It's the cutest little thing to watch, but here's your disclaimer: dishwasher naps are very addicting. If you introduce your cat friend to the wonders of this magical warm door then you may find said cat at times meowing it's head off in front of the washer when it's not even running.

2. Bulk Boxes.
Next time you're at a bulk store, keep your eye on the boxes they offer at checkout. These bulk store employees must be cat people because they seem to cut perfect kitty-sized openings into their boxes that offer my fur babies a brand new bed. I just add a fleece blanket inside and my cats can't resist.

3. Cat Furniture.
Yes, that is a bed for my cat. A cat bed if you will. It was originally meant for dolls but I found a better use for it as you can see. This is Kuku surprised by how much he loves it.

4. Single Serving Cat Food.
Like I said, these things spoil both mama and kitty. Real pieces of seafood in a single-serving container means you don't even need the spoon and bowls I have pictured here. This Tuna & Salmon 2-pack was on sale at Target when I picked it up, AND there is a Cartwheel offer running 10/18-11/15 for 20% off Simple Servings. Go try these out right meow.

5. Cat Costumes.
Ok, my cats hate me putting anything on them, however small. But mama feeds them and cleans their poo, so she gets to have her fun sometimes. How cute is Kuku in his bat wings?? One year for Christmas I asked my Secret Santa to gift me cat sweaters. The cats really love those.

6. High Beds.
Cats like to jump on stuff. I assume they climb high to establish authority over their humans, but I'm no expert. So to cater to our furry masters, we make beds in high places. The hallway closet has fleece blankets on two of it's shelves so that the cats can sleep there on occasion, and the top shelf in the bedroom closet is also fitted with blankets. In there we had to place a small bookcase as well because the shelf was too high for jumping straight from the ground. Man, the more I share the more I realize how much these cats control me.

7. Outside Time
My vet would say NO to this, because it makes "house cats with no front claws susceptible to predators and disease", but I normally only let them in my fenced-in backyard and I keep a close eye on them. How can I not let them out to play in the grass, breathe in the fresh air, and grumble at the birds that perch on the fence?? If I were a YouTuber it would also make for great material: like Kuku running around with a poopy piece of grass hanging out of his butt, or when neighbor cats come say hi through the fence and elicit a banshee yowl from my guard cat Hana. Cats are just the best.

8. Toys
Our go-to's: strings, elastic hair ties, balls, pencils, hoodie strings, ribbons, measuring tape, floss, shoelaces, important papers, flies, grass, etc. With the floss, once you're done with it you'll want to leave it hanging just a little over the side of your trash can. That way in the morning you will be delighted to find it in a completely different part of your house! Cat toys are only limited by your imagination.

Are you a cat lady too?? I want to hear all about your own funny stories and how you spoil your fur babies! Tell me in the comments! And remember on your next Target run to use the Cartwheel coupon to try out these Meow Mix Simple Servings. Visit DailyBreak.com to find out more! Let me know if you love them as much much as we do!


  1. This has got to be the best post I have read in a looooooong time - it totally melted my heart, reading about your two ADORABLE fur babies and seeing all the cute pictures of them (I most definitely squealed very loudly at each and every one)! That picture of Hana in the dishwasher is so precious! And Kuro with his bat wing costume, omg my heart exploded!! They are absoutely adorable :-)
    I currently have 3 cats - one orange tabby named Tao Jun who is king of the house and loves nose beeps, and two ragdoll kittens named Mochi & Matcha - they are so rambunctious and friendly, and just love to be snuggled.They also idolize Tao Jun and try to be just like him, it's so cute.
    I pretty much do everything you've mentioned for my cats, but the dishwasher idea - that is golden! I often have Tao Jun in the sink with all the dishes and water running as I'm trying to load the dishwasher (he is my special helper!), and then he'll sometimes go "explore" inside the dishwasher. Mochi and Matcha have started doing this too (probably because they always want to be just like big brother Tao Jun!), so I am quite certain the warm dishwasher idea would be PERFECT for all 3 of them!
    Oh wow, before I knew it I just started rambling on about my kitties - can you tell I too am also a cat lady? I'm proud to be one! I could go on and on and onnnn, but I'll stop here. Thank you again for this heart-warming post - it totally made my day!

    1. You're so sweet! I found myself aww-ing just reading about your kitties, how cute!! So happy to meet another cat lady!!

  2. Loved this post! Yep, am a cat lady and love my Georgie to bits! I would get him a friend but its so expensive to move a cat, so I'm holding off. Unfortunately no dishwasher at home so George is missing out!!!

  3. When we choose to take cats into our homes it is our responsibility to give them the best life possible. They deserve to be stimulated and engaged in a happy safe environment. Thanks for such a sweet post. It is important to remember ways we can thank these little creatures for giving us so much happiness!
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